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We support traders in different industries to secure global supply and minimize cost, time and risks associated with product sourcing, purchase and supply from Asia/Africa and other Countries of the World, through our  Products & services sourcing offer. Market Researches offer for your business improvement and performance. Advertising offer to promote your business globally and locally.

SWEDMARKETING &D.SERVICES has dedicated and professional team that has excellent records and experts in the fields, you are assured procurement excellent no matter what products you require at competitive price; accurate data results from Market Research; effective advertising methods.

SWEDMARKETING &D.SERVICES are helping its clients sourced for products from Asia/African countries and different countries, and manage business requires import or manufacturing in Asia countries. Current projects are in variety of products such as Vehicle spare parts, plastic materials and etc.

We can work towards finding the best competitive price throughout the pre-production and the manufacturing process.



We source and supply quality control products with competitive prices and JUST IN TIME


we delivers reliable data results from conducted market research for clients


we promote brand and create effective market awareness global and local

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